“ Discover How You Can Instantly Begin Adding 25 New Distributors Per Week Into Your YTB Downline... ”

...By Attracting People Who Are Already Looking For Your Product, Service and Opportunity...”



From: The Desk Of Martin Lightbowne
Re: How To Attract An Army Of YTB Reps To You, Ready To Join You In Business

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

Will you do me a quick favor? Grab a pen and paper, and write down 2 numbers...

  1. How much you would be making if you were adding 25 new distributors per week into your YTB downline.
  2. How many extra hours per week you could spend away from work (and doing something you loved instead) with figure # 1.

Alright, did you do it? I hope so. Because these 2 numbers are not only very possible (maybe even on the low side), when you discover exactly how to position yourself correctly to your target market.

There really is a reason that the YTB Guru's that are making above $20K per month make it look so easy. It's because they have mastered ONE CRITICAL SKILL...

And that is...

Marketing Your YTB Products, Service, And Opportunity To The Masses...And Building An YTB Business With People That Are Already Looking For Your Services!

I don't know about you, but personally, I hate selling things to my friends and family. I hate having home-parties and meetings. I hate handing out product samples to strangers. And I absolutely cannot stand 3 way calling. Yuck.

These techniques just don't work very well. And besides...

I'm Just Too Lazy To Do All That Work And Running Around To Only Get 1 Or 2 People To Sign Up...If I'm Going To Invest 4 Or 5 Hours Into Any YTB Business, I At Least Want To Sign Up 10 Or 15 New Distributors...

So why is the failure rate in network marketing a staggering 96%? Well, to be honest, most people in YTB are never taught how to grow their businesses using target marketing techniques. Most network marketers are sold on the fact that all they have to do is "find 3 people, and then they find 3 more people", make some lists of their friends and family, buy some product samples and hand them out at home meetings, and then that's it, you can go sip pina colada's for the rest of your life down in Jamaica.

This just isn't true. In order to grow a gigantic YTB downline, you must use marketing techniques that gets your product and services to the masses. Wouldn't it be nice if you only spent your time with people that were already looking for what your XOCAI product and opportunity? Wouldn't it help your YTB business (and your sanity) if you never had to hear the words "I'm not interested" ever again?

Well, the good news is that I'm not blowing a bunch of hot air. This is absolutely realistic, but you must master 3 critical marketing tools to find people who are truly interested in your product and your opportunity. They are:

  • The Phone
  • The Written Word
  • The Internet

Let me be clear – when you master these three tools, you will have the ultimate security in a very un-secure world. Your ability to turn your telephone and your computer into a virtual ATM that spits out $100 bills on command will guarantee your success in your YTB business.

Knowing how to build a YTB organization of people that are hungry to do business with you is critical if you want to be at the top of your YTB compensation plan. And knowing how to build an organization around the world with a little technology and marketing know-how is the ultimate form of job-security and profit potential.

That's exactly why I created the YTB Secrets Report. This Report will show you how to begin adding 25 new distributors per week into your YTB business. Every week. Like clockwork.

In My Free 'YTB Secrets Report', I'll Show You:

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Decision Time

Right now, you have a very important decision to make. You can keep doing what you are currently doing, and getting the same result. Or...

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